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Media Release: Low Income Canadians Locked Out

“Our submission to the CRTC details that in the absence of a credible and affordable industry plan, the Commissioners must act to protect the public interest, and especially, low-income Canadians who are being locked out of our digital-based economy and daily activities,” said Gloria Desorcy, Executive Director, Consumers’ Association of Canada, Manitoba.   The Klass and Winseck report recommends that the CRTC reject the carriers’ proposals, and instead adopt a flexible, affordable, and sustainable model called the “CRTC Flex Plan.” It would allow people to access a small amount of data (250 MB) at an affordable entry level price of $5 a month. The advantage of this plan is that it provides smaller amounts of mobile data at affordable rates, while at the same time ensuring that people who require larger amounts of data pay existing market rates. 

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