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2,300 Voices: Manitobans speak up about their Manitoba Hydro

The vast majority — 95.8 % — of Manitobans who took the time to write to the Public Utilities Board in fall 2017 have clearly said they do not support rate hikes of 7.9% as proposed by Manitoba Hydro.  The PUB shared the raw data with the Consumers Coalition (comprised of Winnipeg Harvest and the Consumers’ Association of Canada, Manitoba) following a Freedom of Information Request made by its legal counsel, the Public Interest Law Centre.

Regarding the 7.9% rate hike: of the 2,304 responses, 2,205 are opposed, 40 are okay with a partial increase, 10 support the full increase, 45 are unclear in their responses and 4 were excluded from the analysis.

See the full report.

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