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Caribou and the Keeyask Generation Project

Author: Dr. James A. Schaefer (for CAC Manitoba). This document represents a short review of caribou biology and the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) pertaining to the proposed Keeyask Generation [...] Read more

Review of KHLP's approach to the Keeyask Generating Project Cumulative Effects Assessment

Authors : Drs. Bram Noble & Jill Gunn (for CAC Manitoba). This report presents our review of the Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA) prepared as part of the Keeyask Generation Project [...] Read more

Assessing Adaptive Management in the Keeyask EIS

Authors: Drs. Alan Diduck and Patricia Fitzpatrick (for CAC Manitoba). Uncertainty is a reality when it comes to managing complex ecological and social systems. We are gradually learning more as [...] Read more

Review of Community Health Issues: Keeyask Generation Project EIS

Author: Dr. Murray Lee (for CAC Manitoba) Development projects such as the Manitoba Hydro Keeyask Generation Project have well-characterized effects on biophysical, social and economic environments. [...] Read more

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