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Policy Observations Related to the Cost Benefit of the Preferred Plan - NFAT Review

Author: Dr. Roger Higgin (for CAC Manitoba). This report presents a high-level overview of the Strategic Policy Observations of the Author on the Manitoba Hydro NFAT Filing now before the Manitoba [...] Read more

Framework for Sustainability-based Assessment for the Public Utilities Board’s Needs For and Alternatives To (NFAT) Assessment of Manitoba Hydro’s Preferred Development Plan and Alternatives

Authors : Drs. Kyrke Gaudreau and Robert Gibson (for CAC Manitoba). The purpose of this report is to describe the nature, role and basic substance of a framework for sustainability-based decision [...] Read more

Report of Risk Analysis in the NFAT

Author: Dr. Wayne Simpson (for CAC Manitoba). An important component of the Manitoba Hydro report on Needs for and Alternatives to Business Case (NFAT, August, 2013) is the analysis of the risks [...] Read more

Keeyask - A watershed decision

Authors: Byron Williams, Aimée Craft & Joëlle Pastora Sala of the Public Interest Law Centre (for CAC Manitoba). As we reflect upon what we have heard during the course of the Keeyask proceedings, [...] Read more

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