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Privacy in Online Lending: An analysis of online payday lenders' privacy policies and consumer expectations for privacy protection

CAC Manitoba's objective was to gain insight into consumer knowledge and expectations, and to provide direction to government and regulators on where payday lenders are and are not meeting legislative [...] Read more

Determining the Manitoba Public Insurance Rate Stabilization Reserve

Author: Dr. Wayne Simpson with the advise and assistance of Ms. Andrea Sherry and Mr. Peter Dyck (for CAC Manitoba). The purpose of Rate Stabilization Reserve (RSR) is to protect motorists from rate [...] Read more

Protection of Personal Information using On-line Alternative Lenders

CAC Manitoba is currently conducting research into the protection of consumers' personal information when they purchase credit products through alternative lenders on-line. This research, funded by [...] Read more

What happened to Hydro's decade of returns?

Winnipeg Free Press. Authors : Byron Williams & Gloria Desorcy. Manitoba Hydro proposes to spend more than $17 billion -- or $17,000 per Manitoban -- on new generation over the next two decades. [...] Read more

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