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Protection of Personal Information using On-line Alternative Lenders

CAC Manitoba is currently conducting research into the protection of consumers' personal information when they purchase credit products through alternative lenders on-line. This research, funded by [...] Read more

What happened to Hydro's decade of returns?

Winnipeg Free Press. Authors : Byron Williams & Gloria Desorcy. Manitoba Hydro proposes to spend more than $17 billion -- or $17,000 per Manitoban -- on new generation over the next two decades. [...] Read more

Unprecedented Risk

Author: Byron Williams & Gloria Desorcy. Hydro's plans look like a real gamble as local solar energy gets cheaper In May, Barclays Bank fired a warning shot across the bow of American electrical [...] Read more

Framework for Sustainability-based Assessment for the Public Utilities Board's Needs for and Alternatives To (NFAT) Assessment of Manitoba Hydro's Preferred Development Plan and Alternatives

Authors : Drs. Kyrke Gaudreau and Robert Gibson (for CAC Manitoba). The purpose of this report is to describe the nature, role and basic substance of a framework for sustainability-based decision [...] Read more

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