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The Effect of the Proposed Hydro Rate Increase on the Manitoba Economy

Co-authored by Dr. Wayne Simpson and Dr. Janice Compton On May 5, 2017, Manitoba Hydro applied for a 7.9 % rate increase effective August 1, 2017/18 as well as a 7.9 % rate increase effective April 1, [...] Read more

2,300 Voices: Manitobans speak up about their Manitoba Hydro

The vast majority — 95.8 % — of Manitobans who took the time to write to the Public Utilities Board in fall 2017 have clearly said they do not support rate hikes of 7.9% as proposed by Manitoba Hydro. [...] Read more

Un juste équilibre: Accèss des consommateurs à des aliments sains, produits et transformés localement

Atteint-on un point où la réglementation visant à garantir la salubrité de nos aliments entrave la capacité des consommateurs d'accéder à ces derniers? Si oui, ces obstacles sont-ils nécessaires pour [...] Read more

A Fine Balance: Consumer access to safe, locally-produced and processed food

Is there a point at which the regulations that ensure the safety of our food impede the ability of consumers to access those foods? If so, are those impediments necessary to ensure food safety, or [...] Read more

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