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Energy Poverty in Manitoba and the Impact of the Proposed Hydro Rate Increase: An Assessment of the Bill Affordability Study in the Manitoba Hydro GRA

Authored by Dr. Wayne Simpson Public Utilities Board Order 73/15 of July 24, 2015 directed Manitoba Hydro to “lead a collaborative process to develop a bill affordability program harmonized with [...] Read more

The Effect of the Proposed Hydro Rate Increase on the Manitoba Economy

Co-authored by Dr. Wayne Simpson and Dr. Janice Compton On May 5, 2017, Manitoba Hydro applied for a 7.9 % rate increase effective August 1, 2017/18 as well as a 7.9 % rate increase effective April 1, [...] Read more

2,300 Voices: Manitobans speak up about their Manitoba Hydro

The vast majority — 95.8 % — of Manitobans who took the time to write to the Public Utilities Board in fall 2017 have clearly said they do not support rate hikes of 7.9% as proposed by Manitoba Hydro. [...] Read more

Un juste équilibre: Accèss des consommateurs à des aliments sains, produits et transformés localement

Atteint-on un point où la réglementation visant à garantir la salubrité de nos aliments entrave la capacité des consommateurs d'accéder à ces derniers? Si oui, ces obstacles sont-ils nécessaires pour [...] Read more

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