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Certitude or Dilemma : Inevitability, Dissonance and Cumulative Effects

Author: Public Interest Law Centre (for CAC Manitoba). CAC Manitoba has the following goals for their participation in the Keeyask EIS: to make accurate, verifiable consumer information accessible to [...] Read more

Haste, Uncertainty and Risk: The Bipole III Story

Author: Public Interest Law Centre (for CAC Manitoba). Manitoba has a mixed legacy of Hydro-electric development including : significant economic and social benefit & material cost of development [...] Read more

Manitoba Public Insurance Rate risk Management and Rate Stabilization Reserve

Author: Dr. Wayne Simpson (for CAC Manitoba). This report examines the methodological issues associated with the determination of the Rate Stabilization Reserve target range. The report first [...] Read more

Connaître sa cote

Auteur : CAC Manitoba. Connaissances des consommateurs en matière de cotes et de rapports de crédit Au cours des deux dernières décennies, l’endettement des consommateurs a fortement augmenté [...] Read more

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