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An Uneasy Compromise: The Modest Step Forward of Bill C-69

The Senate Committee on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources convened in Winnipeg for one day on Aptil 12th, 2019 to hear from industry, organizations and some individuals regarding Bill C-69. [...] Read more

Media Release: Low Income Canadians Locked Out

“Our submission to the CRTC details that in the absence of a credible and affordable industry plan, the Commissioners must act to protect the public interest, and especially, low-income Canadians who [...] Read more

Poor Internet for Poor People?

Poor internet for poor people? Why Canada needs better and more affordable mobile services for everyone. That is the central question addressed in a new report submitted to the Canadian [...] Read more

Lutter contre la pauvreté énergétique

En raison de revenus limités et insuffisants, il peut être très difficile pour de nombreux ménages canadiens de répondre aux coûts de base associés à l’alimentation, à l’habillement et aux services [...] Read more

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