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Consumers Rights

 As consumers, we have the right to:

  • goods and services to meet our basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter.
  • protection against goods or services that are harmful to oursleves and our families.
  • facts and information to help you choose the best product.
  • opportunities to get the knowledge and skills we need to be an informed consumers.
  • a good variety of quality products and services.
  • a role in making government policies for the marketplace.
  • a fair settlement when you receive unsatisfactory goods and services.
  • a healthy environment now and in the future.

Consumer Responsibilities

As consumers, we also have responsibilitles:

  • help encourage and defend the interests of all consumers.
  • search out and use available information.
  • read instructions and take precautions.
  • make our own informed consumer choices.
  • take advantage of educational opportunities.
  • consider the environment before making a purchase.
  • make our concerns and opinions known.
  • insist on a fair and reasonable settlement.
  • read labels, follow instructions, and research before you purchase.
  • use equipment safely, following product instructions, and teach safety habits to children.
  • complain effectively and refuse to accept shoddy workmanship.
  • comparison shop, whenver possible.
  • reduce waste, reuse products wherever possible and recycle.

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